During the 10th annual Guys Choice Awards on Spike TV, Anna Kendrick was honored with the “Hot & Funny” trophy. The pre-taped show aired on Thursday night (June 9), and Kendrick was presented the award by her “Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates” co-stars, Zac Efron and Adam DeVine.


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DeVine humbly bragged during his introduction speech that he previously dated the "Pitch Perfect" star. However, when pressed for details, Efron points out to him that eating meals together on set -- along with kissing on screen -- doesn't actually count as real dating.


While DeVine processing the public embarrassment, Kendrick took to the stage to accept her moose horned trophy. "Thank you so much. This is just amazing. It's so wonderful to finally be recognized for being so physically perfect," she says, straight-faced.

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Kendrick tried to shy away from the whole "funny" part of her award, crying "It's a lot of work being funny all the time! Can I just be hot for once, with no skills and no talent?"

Sorry, Anna Kendrick ... you're just the full package. Sorry?

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