You can tell a lot about each of the three male lead characters in the new sitcom “Guys With Kids” from the outfits selected by costume designer Melina Root.
All three men are dads who live in an apartment building in Tribeca in New York, but that’s where a lot of the similarity ends.
Nick (Zach Cregger) is a part-time, work-at-home dad who is hipper and a little offbeat.
“Nick is part of the new generation, happy hanging out with his kids,” Root tells Zap2it. “He wears a lot of Civilianaire and Converse. We also use Benson and a company we are really liking called Paste. Their graphic print T-shirts are a little ironic, as is Nick. Nick always wears Red Wing boots.”
Chris (Jesse Bradford) is a corporate lawyer and Nick’s college buddy. He moved into the building after his divorce and is trying to figure out how to be a single dad.
“Chris is a fairly straight-ahead guy who wears a lot of button-downs, V-neck sweaters and chinos,” Root says. “He’s the meticulous character, he’s a lawyer, so we pay a great deal of attention to the cut of his clothes. He’s very precise. He wears classic sneakers such as white shell-toe Adidas or Jack Purcell.”
Gary (Anthony Anderson) is a former real estate broker who’s now a stay-at-home dad with four kids.
“Gary is pretty much beside himself taking care of the kids,” Root says. “He wears sportier sweatpants, track pants, the baseball shirt look. He has no time to tie his shoes. Gary wears Merrill or Timberland shoes. Gary is all about comfort.”
All the guys wear a little H&M and Gap.
“Most of their clothes come from places where most of America would also shop,” Root says. “I think about where they would go in their daily lives. The most design-y thing is Nick’s Civilianaire jeans. It’s a men’s workwear company started by the people who used to do Lucky. They have a store in New York called The Jeans Store where you can get your own custom-made jeans. He’s the kind of character who would spend a lot of money on jeans and doesn’t wash them, just let them age on their body. … I think the dirt is the point.”
Here are some examples of their specific styles:

anthony anderson guys with kids episodic nbc 325 'Guys With Kids' dress like America
“Gary wears Nike zip-up sweatshirts and Adidas track pants. I imagine he doesn’t have time to shop for himself, so he buys things late-night online shopping. He probably hasn’t bought clothes for himself in several years because they spend all their money on their four kids.”
nick cregger guys with kids episodic nbc 325 'Guys With Kids' dress like America
“Nick is wearing a Zara tuxedo. You don’t ever need to go to a bridal shop again. Nowadays guys like to wear their clothes streamlined, and Zara has some of the best, affordable fashion-forward men’s clothing. The whole thing cost less than $300. I could go to Barney’s and get a $2,000 tuxedo, and it would look much like this. Of course, it helps to be 6-foot-tall and skinny like Zach is.”
Posted by:Monique Marcil