Usually when it is announced that a major artist is performing during the Grammy Awards ceremony, it means that he or she is about to take the stage and deliver a live show promoting a song off their latest album, or a tribute to another musical legend. However, this was not the case with singer Gwen Stefani, who at the 58th annual event, surprised audiences with what turned out to be a live musical ad for Target.

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If you're thinking "Huh?", you're not alone. That's what everyone was thinking. The live ad itself was cheesy, and dated, and wait, how in the world does that count as a Grammy performance? Is this the next level of commercial production? Will Super Bowl 51 now be filled with live performances during what is usually considered a safe bathroom break for audiences?

Sure, Gwen looked beautiful, and who doesn't love Target? But the performance itself was nothing special, and then discovering that it was sponsored ad was just strange and confusing.

Posted by:redskinette86