Thursday (March 24) marks the 10-year anniversary of the premiere of “Hannah Montana,” Disney’s favorite pop-star with a double life.

In the five years that the show has been off the air, the cast has scattered to the wind and thankfully no talks of a reunion or a reboot have been circulating … yet.

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Whether you were a youngster or a full-grown adult when “Hannah Montana” first debuted on the Disney Channel, this 10 year anniversary probably makes you feel old as the hills.

To put that feeling into sharper perspective, Zap2it has got the best of both words with “Then and Now” photos of the cast to help you see how far — and not so far — Miley and her cohorts have come.

Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus hannah montana gi

Most notably, Miley Cyrus has taken quite a few turns since her Disney days. She’s hosted the VMAs, gotten into celebrity twitter fights, come out as pansexual and basically just done a complete 180 on her pre-teens self.

Emily Osment

emily osmet hannah montana gi

Osment stole the show as Miley’s best friend, Lilly, the hilarious and heartwarming sidekick. Osment has grown up in all ways but one: she’s still got the world in stitches with her hilarious sitcom “Young & Hungry.”

Billy Ray Cyrus

billy ray cyrus hannah montana gi

While he’s always remained a staunch supporter of his daughter and her choices, no matter what they may be, Billy Ray Cyrus has not had much luck in Hollywood without her. Did you catch him in “Sharknado 2?”

Jason Earles

jason earles hannah montana gi

Jason Earles stuck with the Disney Channel after “Hannah Montana’s” end, in a karate series called “Kickin’ It.” He was already 29 when he began playing Miley’s brother, Jackson, but he’s still managed to make it on teen-oriented shows since then.

Mitchel Musso

mitchell musso hannah montana gi

After “Hannah Montana,” Mitchel Musso decided to stay on the Disney train, starring in “Pair of Kings” on Disney XD. He’s also been busy voice acting on “Phineas and Furb” and making Youtube videos with his brother.

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