Hannibal Season 3 episode 5 Mads Mikkelsen

One Hannibal Lecter versus Jack Crawford fight isn’t enough for the “Hannibal” TV series. After their showdown was a main focus of Season 2, the duo didn’t waste time locking fists when they crossed paths in Season 3’s fifth episode, “Contorno.”

Their duel came after the murder of the late Inspector Pazzi, who was a pawn of sorts for both Jack and Mason Verger. Though Hannibal killed Pazzi before he could deliver him into Verger’s clutches, Jack did follow his friend the Inspector to catch Dr. Lecter in Italy.

There Hannibal once again tells Jack that he sympathizes with him over Bella’s death — because a condolence note isn’t enough, apparently — and, wordlessly, Jack starts beating his former tormentor.

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Let’s face it: Jack could have easily killed Hannibal if he’d wanted to. Like “Hannibal’s” main characters determined earlier this season that Hannibal had left Will Graham, Alana Bloom and Jack alive for a reason after the Season 2 finale massacre, Jack clearly chose not to strike the death blow.

“How will you feel when I’m gone?” Hannibal asks Jack. “Alive,” Jack responds.

His tossing Hannibal over the railing also led to one of the most gruesome shots “Hannibal” has put together: Hannibal sliding down the maimed body of Pazzi before landing on the ground.

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The fact Dr. Lecter is still standing by the time the episode fades to black should leave the audience with several need-to-know question: Is Hannibal going to escape? Why didn’t Jack kill him? And what is Mason going to do now that Pazzi is dead?

Add on to that Will Graham’s unclear fate after Chiyo tossed him over the back of a train (an intentional parallel to Hannibal’s own fall, surely) and “Hannibal” Season 3 is really picking up steam going into its midseason climax. After that, Francis Dolarhyde/Red Dragon awaits.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz