Jack Crawford and Dr. Chilton in Hannibal Season 3

As “Hannibal” continues towards its final episode, all bets are off. That became even more evident in Saturday’s (Aug. 22) episode “The Number of the Beast 666” when Will’s (Hugh Dancy) plan to lure Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) — aka The Tooth Fairy/Red Dragon — into a trap leads to one of the show’s most vicious attacks yet.

Dr. Chilton (Raul Esparza) gets roped into helping Will write an antagonistic profile of The Tooth Fairy in an effort to anger him. The proposed tactic is that an enraged Tooth Fairy will come after Will, allowing the police to catch him.

Instead, Dolarhyde takes Chilton hostage and straps him to a chair. After making him “understand” what the Dragon is, Dolarhyde chews off Chilton’s lips and sets him on fire. The lips are then sent to Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) who predictably has no sympathy for the fame-chasing psychiatrist.

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The worst part is that Chilton survives the attack. Hopefully, fans didn’t have dinner too soon before watching the episode because the sight of Chilton with half of his face chewed off was enough to cause nausea. It’s even worse after the fire and Will goes to see him in the emergency room.

It’s there that Chilton calls Will out for setting him up — because it’s true. The picture they took together had Will touching Chilton’s shoulder, implying there was an emotional connection between them which is why Dolarhyde went after him, to send Will a message before coming for him himself.

It’s another horrifying event in the third season of the series. It seems that with creator Bryan Fuller and crew aware that the show is coming to a definite end that there’s no holds barred when it comes to the show’s horror.

What Dolarhyde is capable of — and what Hannibal will use him for to get to Will — is no longer an abstract idea. It’s visibly evident in the charred remains of Chilton’s body. With only one episode left, fans have to wonder how much worse could it get than this?

“Hannibal” continues Saturday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Megan Vick