Leonard Pine (Michael Kenneth Williams) is a simple man, to be sure. But in Season 2 of "Hap and Leonard," we're reminded he's also a stubborn one.

Uncle Chester (Henry G. Sanders) might not have been the best parental figure -- his abusive intolerance drove Leonard away at a young age. But at the end of the day, the man's family. For Leonard, that legacy is important: These ties not only bind him to Chester, they connect him to his own sense of self. What happens if those truths are called into question?

The above exclusive clip from Wednesday's (March 22) episode puts Chester's involvement directly in question. Was he the one who buried those bones under the house all those years ago? Bringing Hap (James Purefoy) into the mystery only proved fruitful as Leonard quickly became the number one suspect in the case: Being black and gay in this East Texas town doesn't do him any favors.

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Hap and Florida (Tiffany Mack) don't waste any time and begin digging deeper into the identity of the dead boy. What type of horrifying clues will they uncover?

Clearing Leonard's name of any wrongdoing is the priority -- but what about Chester's involvement in all of this? This investigation may prove his guilt. If that happens, we have a feeling Leonard's sense of self will take a huge hit. Family ties are one thing, but Leonard's going to need to set those preconceived notions -- and deep-rooted emotions -- aside, if he wants any chance of getting out of this mess alive.

"Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo" airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SundanceTV.

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