Wednesday’s (March 22) episode of “Hap and Leonard” found our heroes in a tough spot: As the two work to clear Leonard’s (Michael Kenneth Williams) name, Hap (James Purefoy) and Florida (Tiffany Mack) discover a bigger conspiracy lying beneath the child murder that has shaken this East Texas town.

“B. B.” is the only thing they have to go on to identify the remains found in Chester’s basement. But, it’s a start. And as the police interrogate Leonard — beating him with a stack of books to provoke an admission of guilt — Hap and Florida happen on a secret truth: 20 young black boys have gone missing, and the police haven’t done much to investigate.

Maybe it’s not a priority — or maybe this whole insidious thing goes much deeper than Hap, Leonard or Florida would ever expect. We already know law enforcement in this community is anything but pristine. The introduction of Sheriff Valentine Otis (Brian Dennehy) and his son, Beau, leave us thinking they’re hiding something.

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hap and leonard season 2 illium moon Childhood trauma leads Hap and Leonard down an unexpected rabbit hole

A trauma from Hap and Leonard’s childhood puts Mr. Beau Otis (John McConnell) in the driver’s seat. We’re not exactly sure how it went down, but it sounds like Beau accidentally killed the boys’ parents. Years later, it’s Beau’s judgment that keeps Leonard under lock and key — that is until Hap persuades him otherwise.

This buys the men some time and, soon enough, they’re led to the home of Illium Moon (Wayne Dehart) — a creepy, voodoo-loving recluse who had ties to Chester. Was Chester guilty of kidnapping all these boys? No. At least not according to Illium’s recollection. Since the police never looked into things, Leonard’s uncle took up the investigation himself.

Unfortunately for the group, Illium isn’t a big fan of “the popo.” But that may not stop them from searching the premises, in the end: The final moments found the old man spooked by some “bad mojo,” leading him to lose control of his van, driving straight into the lake.

Was Illium involved in “B.B.’s” disappearance? Who knows? Something tells us this rabbit hole Hap and Leonard are digging around in is about to get much deeper.

“Hap and Leonard: Mucho Mojo” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SundanceTV.

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