“Hap and Leonard” has finally returned to Sundance with Season 2’s “Mucho Mojo” theme continuing down the path of Joe Lansdale’s books have forged. And while it’s safe to say audiences will get an even more immersive story this time around, one thing hasn’t really changed: Leonard Pine (Michael Kenneth Williams) is one unlucky dude.

The adventure he and Hap (James Purefoy) went down in Season 1 not only resulted in Trudy’s (Christina Hendricks) death, Leonard almost followed suit: Riddled with bullet holes, “Mucho Mojo’s” premiere finds Hap’s buddy mending from his wounds.

And while we can’t ignore his physical state, it’s the emotional struggles Leonard is about to endure that will really test his fortitude. After Chester’s (Henry G. Sanders) unexpected death, Leonard happens upon the skeletal remains of a young boy underneath his Uncle’s house. Of course, he quickly brings Hap into things, which only complicates matters: Trudy’s loss is still fresh, and the last thing he needs is another death to deal with.

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But one thing Hap will quickly begin to realize is that in this East Texas town, the cards will always be stacked against Leonard: An outspoken gay man of color, living in the belly of an intolerant beast. Homophobia and racism are key components of “Hap & Leonard,” they’re integral to the premise. But back in Season 1, things were different: The two men were just hunting for a mysterious bag of money, getting involved with the wrong group of people in the process.

This skeleton, though… It only opens the story up to a bigger problem altogether: 20 kids have gone missing, leading law enforcement to take Leonard away in handcuffs, a prime suspect based on incorrect and abhorrent associations with his color and sexuality. Now, we’re sure the police may have a bigger hand in the matter: Brian Dennehy’s sinister-feeling Valentine Otis has us thinking “Mucho Mojo” has just met its Boss Hog.

With his best friend struggling, it’s time for for Hap to get his mojo back — and find those missing kids before Leonard pays an unfair price.

“Hap & Leonard” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Sundance.

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