joe philbin hard knocks 325 'Hard Knocks' new season goes to Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins

When the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder to win the 2012 NBA championship, the Florida metropolis went bananas for basketball. But the hoops have been put away for another season, and a Miami sports fan’s thoughts can now turn to a ball of a different shape — and HBO is there to take them behind the scenes.
On Tuesday, Aug. 7, HBO and NFL Films’ documentary series “Hard Knocks” heads to “Training Camp With the Miami Dolphins” to see how the venerable football franchise — established in 1966 — readies itself to win back the pro sports bragging rights in its home city.

Asked what’s great about having the Dolphins on this season, Rick Bernstein, executive producer for HBO, tells Zap2it, “It’s a number of things. One, it’s the history of the team. The team has some good characters that will make for a good series. We’ve got a head coach in Joe Philbin, who I’ve never met personally but I’ve heard has the ability to carry the show, which is very, very important on ‘Hard Knocks.’
“The head coach is virtually the host and the narrator of the show. From what I hear, he’s got those attributes. You’ve got the storyline with the quarterback competition that will be going on with [Matt] Moore, with [David Garrard] and [Ryan] Tannehill.”
For those who haven’t been following this saga, Moore, despite being impressive last season (finishing with a quarterback rating of 87.1 and leading the team to a 6-3 record in its last nine games), must prove his worth again, against both veteran Garrard and rookie Tannehill, the highest draft pick this year in the AFC East.
But, there’s more, as “Dancing With the Stars” fans will discover.
“Thirdly,” Bernstein continues,” you’ve got [Chad] Ochocinco, whom I can tell you from past experiences is one of the best characters we’ve ever had on ‘Hard Knocks.’ And we’ve got [running back] Reggie Bush, one of the biggest names in the game.
“But at the same time, you don’t know what’s going to happen. The best moments in ‘Hard Knocks’ have always been the unexpected.”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare