Harry Connick Jr. redefined “lively performance” on “American Idol” when he took on an impromptu performance of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” 
After criticizing contestant Nick Fradiani for his Katy Perry song choice during Billboard Hits Week, Harry was challenged to do the song himself and show how it’s done. Aside from not knowing most of the lyrics, the “Idol” judged turned the performance into an insane spectacle — this is what happens when there’s a two-hour show and only eight Idols to perform. Shenanigans. 
He decided to try and serenade his co-judge Jennifer Lopez, who declared the song her favorite of Katy Perry’s, but his intensity was a little bit too much for Keith Urban. The number crescendoed with Harry Connick Jr. chasing Urban around the “Idol” judges table as he belted out about his “heart racing” in his “skin tight” jeans. 
It’s doubtful that this is what Harry means when he constantly tells the contestants to emotionally connect with their song choices, but at the very least he showed all of them how to give an engaging performance. They just might not want to make their audience run away. 
Posted by:Megan Vick