“Hart of Dixie”
‘s Jaime King has no time for body shaming — especially not on her social media. 

The model turned actress posted a #TBT post yesterday (Aug. 28) on Instagram of her closing an Alexander McQueen fashion show. A disgruntled commenter apparently wasn’t too fond of King’s small frame in the photo and suggested she eat something (the comment has since been deleted). King was not in the mood for that kind of treatment and fired back at the haters: 
“Just had one yesterday and it was delicious. PS UNFOLLOW me! I want women that support other women on my feed. My Instagram is a safe haven and a place of love for everyone. So if you want to criticize and be cruel, re-check yourself or go somewhere else.” 
We hope King’s criticizer had some ice on hand for that burn and future body shamers take note — Jaime King isn’t taking that mess, and no one else should either. 
Posted by:Megan Vick