Adam Copeland on 'Haven'

Just like that, “Haven” has come to an end — and a particularly happy one for the most part. When the Troubles brought their very worst to the small Maine town, it was hard to believe that any good could possibly could in the end, but there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

For Dwight (Adam Copeland), that means a happily ever after moment where he got to retire from police work and spend his life with his resurrected daughter.

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“In my mind, it was either he dies trying to save the town — and in some small way helps to make sure it’s safe — or throw the guy a bone,” the actor tells Zap2it. “Even if it’s just he’s content with having a beer and fishing.”

Any fan will understand why Dwight deserved a bit of good at the end of the story. After all, he always puts himself last. “His intent is always to save the town. He puts everything for himself on the back-burner just to save the town — and loses his daughter, his ex-wife, pretty much everything,” Copeland says. “Yet he still fights the good fight.”

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The icing on the cake, of course, was that his final scene on “Haven” happens to also feature his real life best friend, Jay Reso (McHugh) — known to WWE fans as Christian. The two have been close since childhood and even became wrestling superstars together.

“It was one of those instances where reality kind of blurs in with the show. I’m sitting there with my best friend and we’re acting on the show as best friends,” Copeland remembers. ‘It wasn’t the last show I filmed but I knew it was the last time you’ll see Dwight and McHugh, so it took on some weight that day. It felt good though, it was a good way to end those characters.”

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