alex o loughlin hawaii five o cbs 325 'Hawaii Five 0's' Alex O'Loughlin: Hawaii 'feels like Australia ... clean and cool'Zap2it: After leaving Australia, you spent a few years working in Los Angeles, and now you’re “Hawaii Five-0” shooting in Hawaii. Are you enjoying it?

Alex O’Loughlin: It’s interesting — it’s much closer to Australia. I don’t mean geographically; it feels like Australia. It feels like Queensland or something, clean and cool. L.A. does not feel like Australia at all for me. So I kind of feel at home here. I love it. I love the pace, actually. The pace frustrates me occasionally, because I’m kind of zippy, but I get back to L.A. often enough to be stoked to come back here.

Zap2it: How do you like the warm weather?

Alex O’Loughlin: This [September] is a nice time of year. Midsummer, it can get gnarly, a bit hot. The only thing is, it doesn’t get cold here, ever, and I miss that. In the desert, you get hot days, but the nights are kind of cold. That can be refreshing. That’s the one thing that makes me want to go somewhere else sometimes, to go on a little vacation.

Zap2it: Couldn’t you go to the big island of Hawaii and sit in snow on Mauna Kea?

Alex O’Loughlin: Isn’t that gnarly? That’s my favorite island, the Big Island. Cattle ranches, man stuff — that really feel like Oz.

Zap2it: In an early episode this season, Doris (Christine Lahti), the mother of your character, Steve McGarrett, told a story about him being little “Stevie,” who was fond of wearing camouflage footsie pajamas. Are you worried that image will stick with you now?

Alex O’Loughlin: It’s too hot to wear jammies here, to be honest.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare