Pete (Pete Holmes) has faced his share of struggles throughout Season 1 of “Crashing,” and in Sunday’s (April 9) finale our hero stares down his biggest challenge yet: Letting go.

We’ve watched Pete slowly climb the comedy ladder, and it seemed he was actually on the verge of making a dent in the stand-up world… Until he loses his job as Rachael Ray’s warm-up comic, due to some “blue material” that falls flat. Back at square one — with no money and no place to go — Pete turns to Artie Lange for guidance. And somehow this leads the men to an odd outdoor baptism, where a heaping dose of religion brings some unexpected clarity.

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Pete’s had an uphill battle, to be sure, but he’s been surviving — and his comedy routine has improved along the way. But when he unexpectedly runs into Jess (Lauren Lapkus) and learns her relationship with Leif (George Basil) is over, Pete immediately falls back into old patterns. He’s broke, homeless and failed his first big comedy break… In his eyes, it’s time to quit this comedy dream and move back in with his wife, where he’ll really focus on making things work.

But his relationship has been over for a while — and this baptism proves to be the final nail in his marriage’s proverbial coffin. We really wanted Pete to stand up for himself and turn Jess away, but that’s not how things go down: Looking to wipe her own slate clean, Pete’s ex jumps into the cross-shaped pool to put her transgressions behind her and there’s nothing Pete and Leif can do to stop her.

Now that she’s completely moved on, what’s Pete going to do next? Throughout Season 1, our hero has gotten a gritty taste of the comedy lifestyle — and he broke free, albeit briefly, from his strict moral code. The sliver of hope he’d reconcile with his wife gone, Pete can finally wash his own slate clean. Whether he’s ready for it or not, Pete is in a prime position to process his trauma head-on. Our hero has finally hit rock bottom… Which means a whole new level of honesty next season — when he takes his comedy to the next level.

“Crashing” Season 2 will premiere in 2018 on HBO.

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