Stephen Colbert moderates conversation with Mavis Staples at Montclair Film Festival

Stephen Colbert’s takeover of “The Late Show” is extending to David Letterman’s “Meet the Neighbors” regular spotlight — Hello Deli.

The deli shop has renamed its top -selling sandwich — previously dubbed for “The Late Show with David Letterman” musical director Paul Shaffer — for new host Stephen Colbert. The shop also took Letterman’s name off the ham and turkey sandwich.

“It was painful to remove [Letterman’s] name, but I think out of respect for Stephen Colbert, it was appropriate,” says deli owner Rupert Jee to NYC blog DNAinfo.

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Colbert’s sandwich  — called “The Colbert,” natch — consists of breaded chicken cutlet, American cheese, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a hero and costs $7.95.

Jee, who opened Hello Deli two years before “The Late Show” started filming in New York, also tells DNAinfo that he met Colbert when the comedian walked by the shop two weeks ago, but doesn’t know if Colbert is aware he now has a sandwich namesake.

Jee is also unsure of whether he’ll make an appearance on Colbert’s show, but is happy the theater isn’t empty — providing plenty of hungry audience members to stop by and pick up a Colbert sandwich.

Posted by:Megan Vick