Clint Eastwood‘s latest directorial effort, “Hereafter,” is garnering Oscar buzz around Hollywood. 

The film tells the story of a tortured psychic (Matt Damon), a French woman (Cecile De France), and a London School boy (Frankie McLaren) who are each touched by death in different ways.
Just how true to life is “Hereafter?” 

Since the Dish Rag isn’t quite ready to cross over to the great beyond, (and hopefully come back again) we asked four experts in the field of metaphysics who deal with the hereafter for their take on Damon’s portrayal of an angst-ridden psychic and Eastwood’s depiction of the afterlife.

]]>Peter Roth, an intuitive counselor and host of Progressive Radio Network’s a “Energy Stew,” said that he related to Damon’s portrayal.  “The film was right on. We are often thought of as freaks. I understand why the public doubts a profession where there are unfortunately many charlatans.  For those who are sincerely gifted, like the movie character, taking on the pain of others can be an extremely tough and draining experience.”
Intuitive analyst Russ Brown thought the film accurately portrays the anxiety that a gifted intuitive experiences when they have realizations on a daily basis that others don’t experience.  “We’re all intuitive to a degree, but the ones that are more tuned in, have a rough time with it if they don’t have a greater sense of self-purpose. That’s the journey of Damon’s character.”  Intuitive healer Jeanene Herr told us: “The afterlife portrayed in the film rings true.  I actually died once for ten minutes prior to being revived, and had the same kind of experience as the French woman in the film. Having a personal experience with death, I found when you do come back to this world you have an entirely different perspective on life.” Congrats, Clint. Apparently, you hit the coffin nail on the head. Let’s see how Oscar voters feel about your movie about life ever after.
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