As the world of evos -- people with evolved abilities -- is revitalized in "Heroes: Reborn," new cast member Judi Shekoni shares with Zap2it why her character Joanne and her husband Luke (Zachary Levi) are the real threat on the show.

"She’s a normal, happy housewife with a child and what happens is the child dies. So there’s a series of events and the child gets killed. Joanne transforms from being a mother into someone that wants revenge and redemption and wreak havoc on the people that harmed her son," she says.

The loss of a child is devastating for any parent, but for Joanne and Luke it becomes a new life mission to avenge their son and take out all of the people like the ones they think are responsible for his death.

"Joanne is pretty solid in wanting revenge. She’s definitely solid in who she thinks is to blame and what she wants to do about it," Shenoki explains. "Some things just touched her heart and she believes that what she’s doing is right, not just for her and her son but for human kind."

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While Joanne has a specific list of people she holds responsible for the attack that took her little boy, she won't be picky in taking out any evo she finds along the way to the ones she really wants.

"There are definitely some people who you see that Joanne thinks are most influential to what happens to her son and most influential to where her life ends up. She’s definitely after those," she says. "She’s pretty indiscriminate though. She’s not like 'People with teleporting skills should be killed but people with mind reading skills don’t have to be.' I think she just feels that anyone with a special power isn’t safe, can’t be trusted and should be eliminated."

If Joanne and Luke are taking out the evos indiscriminately, why should anyone be on their side?

"Everyone should be on Team Joanne and Luke because being bad is very, very fun," Shenoki notes.

Posted by:Megan Vick