If you're hoping for Peter Petrelli on 'Heroes Reborn,' Milo Ventimiglia says it's time to give up.

While you’ll see some familiar faces when “Heroes Reborn” premieres, there’s at least one family you shouldn’t expect to be involved: The Petrellis.
While speaking to Zap2it about his upcoming role as the Ogre on “Gotham,” Milo Ventimiglia revealed whether he had been approached to resurrect Peter Petrelli for the “Heroes” continuation. 
“Not on my end, no,” he says. “As far as I understand, they’re already back to work and have broken their stories. Maybe they’ll mention the Petrellis, but I don’t see it happening that I would be revisiting. Just not gonna happen.”
While he won’t my playing a role in the series, he’s still looking forward to seeing the finished product. “I’m very excited for Jack [Coleman] and I’m very excited for Masi [Oka] and Zach – that’s Levi and not Quinto,” he says. “I’m excited for those guys. It should be fun, hopefully, for the fans.”
As for whether the show can endear itself to fans the way the initial season of “Heroes” did, Ventimiglia knows they have their work cut out for them. “It’s always tough, man. When we did the show, there was something really unique about the time it came out and what we were able to capture with with the show,” he says.
“Heroes Reborn” is expected to premiere later in 2015 on NBC.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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