Gatlin Green is Emily in Heroes Reborn

“Heroes Reborn” is bringing back a lot of stars that made themselves notable names on the original series, but this fall Zap2it‘s eyes are glued to Gatlin Green.

The young actress is not only new to the show, but her super power is captivating an audience even though her character Emily doesn’t have evolved abilities. She’s paired with Robbie Kay’s Tommy for most of the season, and even without teleportation or mind control powers she’ll keep you coming back every week. That’s why she’s one of Zap2it’s Ones to Watch.

To help everyone get to know her a little better she answered a few questions. See what the home screen is on her phone, who was her first kiss and her worst fear.

1) What’s the current home-screen picture on your phone?

It’s a little Spidey! I have the Spider-Man theme ringtone to match. 😉

2) What are your can’t-miss TV shows?

I’m actually really into older shows on Netflix these days! Since life gets pretty busy, I always miss the shows that are on air, so I’ve been binge watching Korean dramas (guilty pleasure) and “Full House” with my mom.

3) What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?

I have a lot of oldies songs that are super nostalgic for me … pretty much any song by the Carpenters, Elvis or the song “Seventeen” by Janis Ian (even though it’s a sad one).

4) What’s the most embarrassing song on your iPod?

Definitely my random super rough, late night, stream-of-thought voice memos that I record for my songwriting! When those pop up on shuffle, MAYHEM ensues. I can’t get to the skip button fast enough! Haha!!

5) Zombie apocalypse or alien invasion?

Zombie apocalypse. You never know what kind of crazy aliens you could get, but I think we have a basic idea of what a zombie encounter would be like.

6) What’s the last item you purchased?

Food. Gotta love it. I’m definitely a foodie and love to try new restaurants.  I love sushi, Korean BBQ, Ethiopian, Thai, ok … so, everything!  And, I especially love it if they deliver!

7) Do you have any current pop-culture obsessions?

Does social media count? Cause I’m pretty obsessed with it all. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. I’m even still on Facebook all the time!

8) What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?

This actually has a really funny back story. One time I was dancing through an alleyway (as you do…) with my boyfriend, Austin, and my family on a regular Sunday evening, when Austin decided to grab a nearby stop sign and kick up into a “flagpole” move. Sounds AWESOME, right?

It WAS, except … he ended up kicking me straight in the face. After cleaning up my first ever bloody nose, we all laughed our heads off (I was just glad I still had mine!). I was totally fine! Or so we thought. After flying back and forth to Texas on planes, riding horses, and living life to the fullest like I was, I started getting really bad headaches and would crash around the same time every day.

We went to the doctor when we got back home, and it turned out I wasn’t fine at all! Austin’s kick to my face gave me WHIPLASH, and a CONCUSSION. I was on bed rest for about a month. No phone, no books, no TV, and not even any music. It was the worst, and he felt terrible. But he was really really sweet, and helped take care of me the whole time. Word to the wise, don’t ever get a concussion … and make sure you choreograph your boyfriends alleyway dance routines. 😉

9) Do you have any nicknames?

I’ve always been called a handful of names like “Gat”, “Gat-Gat”, “Gatticakes”, or “G”. My mom and my boyfriend call me “Little Bit”, though I don’t really know where that came from or how they came up with it. My weirdest ones, though, would probably be from my friends Lottie and Skylar. Lottie calls me “Gink”, and Skylar calls me her little “Koala”. 😂

10) Your first kiss — who and when?

I’ve actually held my first kiss as something pretty sacred. I always knew I didn’t wanna just give it to just any guy. My first attempt at my first kiss was actually rejected by my current boyfriend, Austin! We weren’t dating at the time, cause he “wasn’t in a place for a serious relationship” and he wanted to take me on a first date before he kissed me so that he could really make it special for me.

We had been friends for a while, and, once I turned 17, he took me on our first date. We were at this really pretty outdoor shopping area in Los Angeles and it was beautiful. He danced with me in front of a bunch of people, spun me around, and pulled me in for the kiss, but I totally shot down him down and tried to play it off. I was WAY too nervous to have my first kiss in front of all those people!! So later that night, after a long time psyching myself up, we had a really sweet “foot-popping” kiss under a tree on a moonlit road by my house.

11) What’s the worst place you have ever been to?

I can’t really think of anywhere specific, but I’m sure it was probably somewhere stuffy, smelly and dirty. Otherwise, I’d probably still have a good time!

12) What’s your spirit animal?

All of the animals? I love animals.  Maybe some kind of puppy-kitten hybrid. I’m totally an introverted extrovert. Meaning … I can be super fun and outgoing (like a dog), but that’s if you get me out of the house, herein lying my cat-like quality. Plus, I love to cuddle, which is a mix of both.

13) What was the last lie you told?

I’ve had to tell a few white lies recently as to not disclose any spoilers about the show I’m in, “Heroes Reborn.” I really try not to make it a habit though. I’m pretty good about saying exactly what’s on my mind, and really bad at holding things in for long. I’m not a very good liar.

14) Do you have any strange phobias?

Solo karaoke. It’s weird because I’ve been singing all my life and love it, but something about karaoke just makes me really anxious. I end up stressing out about it like it’s an actual performance … and when you can’t really choose the key you sing in, I get really nervous that it’ll be too high and my voice’ll crack or something really stupid. I don’t mind goofing off, singing oldies with a group of friends though. I kill that stuff. 😜

15) Air guitar or hairbrush singer?


16) Who is your last text message from?

My boyfriend. He sent me some cheesy lovey-dovey emojis. #Daww #sCute

17) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, What’s the third sentence?

I’m currently in a studio recording some music with my brother. The only book here is a picture book … page 23 has a picture of Elvis! Pretty much can’t beat that! I love Elvis.

18) If you had to choose another career, what would it be?

Maybe counseling? I love giving people advice. Orrrrr telling people what to do, and how to do it. But, I’m not bossy, I swear. I just love helping people.

19) If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?

I have been traveling for work for the last several months to some great places like Canada, but if I could be anywhere right now it would be with the people I miss — my family, my boyfriend and my friends. With them .. or Chick-Fil-A.

20) Is there a celebrity that you have met and been starstruck by?

I walked by Peter Capaldi (“Doctor Who”) at a party once. I definitely did a double take, and almost passed out.

21) What goes in your carry-on bag on the plane?

I have a REALLY cute backpack by MZ Wallace that my boyfriend gave me as a celebratory gift when I booked Heroes…I always take it with me. It’s usually filled with a book or two, my phone, various chargers, gum, headphones … I always have a hoodie in case I get cold, and then I have my little make-up bag inside with some lip gloss and powder to freshen up before I land.

22) What’s your favorite beverage?

I actually really like water! I don’t really drink much else. Sometimes, I like to have a ginger ale when I’m flying. Kinda weird, right?

23) What food can you not resist?

Just one??? Man, um … I always have to try the crème brulée at restaurants. Always. Every time.

24) What do your friends make fun of you for?

I make a lot of really weird obnoxious voices pretty much all the time … anything from annoying baby voice to this character that I’ve created that we like to call, “Minnesota Mom”.  They also like to pick on me and Austin for being REALLY CUTE. #SorryNotSorry 😂

25) What clique did you belong to in high school?

I was homeschooled, so the only clique I would have been a part of was a weird congregation of my family and pets. 😂

“Heroes Reborn” premieres Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Megan Vick