In addition to all the approving grunts and envious cries that accompany a TV man-cave makeover, there is another unmistakable sound that can be heard. That would be all the moms watching, saying, “What about us?”
HGTV has listened, turning “Mom Caves,” a special it ran last year, into a regular series that will premiere Saturday, May 12 — fittingly, over Mother’s Day weekend. Matt Muenster and Beth Stern host as the renovation crew — headed by Jared Walker Dostie (Rate My Space) — surprise a hardworking mother with a lavish makeover of one room in her house that she can call her own.
Stern spends time with each mom, taking her shopping and learning about her tastes and passions, gathering information essential to crafting the perfect mom cave. Getting the chance to take the show to series has been a thrill for the woman largely known at this point as being the model wife of shock jock Howard Stern.
“It was so rewarding to see how happy this one mom was [in the pilot] when we created this room for her that I was so thrilled to be able to give this gift to more deserving moms out there,” Stern tells Zap2it. “That’s what I was most excited about. I’ve gotten so many calls, so many Tweets about it, people asking how they can get involved. ‘How can I get a mom cave? How can I nominate my wife for a mom cave?’ I know there’s a lot of excitement about it.”
As for the difference between a man cave and a mom cave, Stern says the approach she and the crew take is much more individualized to the particular woman, compared to the more general theme (sports, cars) of a typical man cave. She recalls, for instance, learning that one of the moms was a big fan of Hawaii, so she tipped off the crew in time to deliver her a Maui-themed room complete with a waterfall on one wall.
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