When you’re running for President, there are certain shows that count as a mandatory appearance — “Meet the Press,” “The Daily Show,” “Face the Nation” — and then there are others that you do, well, just because you can. Now, after Hillary appeared on “SNL” and Donald Trump upped the ante by hosting “SNL,” the Democrat is taking things a step further, making an appearance on “Broad City.”

Clinton surprised followers Friday (Dec 11) with a tweet featuring a picture of herself with “City” stars Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, as well as executive producer Amy Poehler.

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“On the set of ‘Broad City’ season 3!” the candidate writes, tagging all appropriate parties.

Shortly thereafter, Glazer tweeted: “Holy moly. I am changed,” including a peace hand and a #Hillary 2016 hashtag.

Not wanting to be left out of the love-fest, Poehler tweeted a selfie with the group.

Comedy Central confirmed the cameo with a press announcement that included a photo of the former First Lady on-camera with Glazer and Jacobson. Unfortunately, none of this tweeting and press releasing saw fit to mention what exactly Clinton would be doing on the show, but they certainly seem to have rolled out the red carpet.

As fans know, “Broad City” has never had any problems landing famous people for cameos. From Poehler to Seth Rogen to Patricia Clarkson and Amy Ryan, some big-name stars have dropped by to join in the fun. Now, only one question remains: In the interest of equal time, is Donald Trump now invited to appear on “Broad City” as well? Because that would be a pretty amazing epsiode.

Season 3 of “Broad City” premieres on Comedy Central Feb. 17 at 10 p.m ET/PT.

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