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‘Tis the season for some vacation time from work or school, and baby, it’s cold outside too. What better way to spend the day than sitting in front of the TV reminiscing about some of the best Christmas episodes TV has offered up? Cuddle up with some loved ones and grab the hot cocoa this holiday, while you splurge on some of the best holiday episodes around.

And of course, there are hundreds out there. These are just a few of our long-time favorites that have stuck with us.

‘The Mindy Project’ – ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’


This is the moment we realized that maybe these two crazy kids were finally falling in love! We’ll forever be grateful for the introduction of Mindy’s wine-bra, and the episode in which Danny Castellano introduced his killer Aaliyah dance moves — proving that yes, the best gifts in life are free.

‘Veronica Mars’ – ‘An Echolls Family Christmas’


What says Christmastime better than stabbing celebrity stalkers? In one of Veronica Mars’ most famous episodes, our favorite teen sleuth puts on her poker face to join the bad boys during game night.

‘Lizzie McGuire’ – ‘Aaron Carter’s Coming to Town’


Sneaking onto sets is just another day in the life with our favorite animated blonde! Indulge in nostalgia as Aaron Carter and Lizzie McGuire cuddle under the mistletoe of his music video shoot.

‘Suburgatory’ – ‘The Nutcracker’


When Tessa realizes her dad is sacrificing his love life to make her happy, she decides to make it up to him by …  inviting his ex over for Christmas? Oh, well, at least he gets his first kiss with Dallas with the help of some well-placed mistletoe.

‘Downton Abbey’ – Season 2 Christmas Special


This Christmas Special has it all! Evil fiancés! Spilled secrets! Long-awaited proposals in the snow! Downton’s original Christmas Special will remind you of the magic of twue wuv.

‘Baby Daddy’ – ‘A Wheeler Family Christmas Outing’



It’s Christmas in July when Ben decides he wants his entire extended family to take part in Emma’s first Christmas card. His plans to keep the peace are foiled, though, when his dad drops the bomb that he’s gay, and Danny’s lifelong crush on Riley threatens to be revealed.

’30 Rock’ – ‘Secret Santa’


Who knew the big scary white man upstairs was the sentimental type? When Jack and Liz agree to get each other gifts that cost $0.00, we learn he has a soft spot for old friends.

‘The Flash’ – ‘The Man in the Yellow Suit’


It’s Christmastime in Central City and just as Barry Allen is fighting the internal demons surrounding his mother’s murder, he finally finds the courage to tell his best friend (and future wife!) he’s in love with her.

‘Brotherly Love’ – ‘A Roman Holiday’


When Matthew Lawrence (aka the sex god of our early aughties dreams) sings an acapella Christmas carol dressed as a giant white pageant angel, what’s there not to love?

‘Happy Endings’ – ‘No-Ho-Ho’


When Jane reveals that she’s been hiding the fact that her birthday’s on Christmas since she was a wee tot, the gang decides to throw her a very un-merry birthday party! Meanwhile, Dave and Penny’s budding friendship may be beginning to blossom into something more as he helps her shop for her boyfriend’s Christmas gift.

‘Bones’ – ‘The Man in the Fallout Shelter’


The Jeffersonian gang is kept under quarantine for Christmas, as they’re set with the task to solve the mystery surrounding a half-century old secret love. Also: Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top stops by to say hi as Angela’s dad.

‘Modern Family’ – ‘Express Christmas’


It’s Christmas in California, which means sunshine pool parties and last minute dashes to Target. This Christmas episode highlights what Modern Family does best by giving every Dunphy-Pritchett clan member a chance to shine before reminding us that Christmas doesn’t need any set decoration when you’re surrounded by family.

‘Boy Meets World’ – ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’


Eric proves to be the most generous of mall Santas when he steals presents from his own home to give to the orphaned children who visit him. Meanwhile, Cory and Topanga try to play matchmakers to their two miserable best friends who are still clearly in love with each other post-breakup.

‘Glee’ – ‘A Very Glee Christmas’


Baby, it’s cold outside as Sue and Becky Grinch up this Christmas. Meanwhile, Beiste brings back the reason for the season with a Christmas miracle, and Rachel and Finn’s heartbreak gives us our favorite rendition of “Last Christmas.”

‘Friends’ – ‘The One with the Routine’


Monica and Ross definitely have one of the weirdest, closest relationships between siblings on television, and this episode certainly highlights their eccentricities with possibly the most glorious moment from the entire 10-season series: the dance routine.


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