mark steinesZap2it: What’s your take on delving into sometimes controversial issues in co-hosting “Home & Family”?

Mark Steines: What we’re dealing with now, or at least what Hallmark is dealing with, is rebranding in a way. This is a big step for them. They put in an order of 44 weeks of this show, two hours every weekday, and we had conversations early on about their commitment to it.

It’s not like, “If the ratings aren’t there, we’ll pull the plug on it after three months.” This is for the long haul. This is what they want to do. And then, if you add Marie Osmond‘s new talk show, you begin to see they’re stepping outside of just doing Hallmark movies and reruns of “Frasier.” They want to tackle what’s important.

Zap2it: What do you consider the most unique aspect of “Home & Family”?

Mark Steines: There’s nothing like this on television now, which is so bizarre when you think about how many channels are out there. There are shows that are staged on make-believe-house sets, with the kitchen and all of that … but our house looks like a house in one of the flyover states, if you will.

Zap2it: Are you inviting the celebrity friends you made during your “Entertainment Tonight” years to appear?

Mark Steines: I’m sure if they’ve got something to promote, they’ll want to come on. And they may talk about the movie they’ve just made, but they’re also going to cook or garden, so we can bring them across several segments.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin