Carrie Mathison goes undercover

“Homeland” soars when Saul (Mandy Patinkin) brings out his Jewish roots. There’s just something so moving watching this veteran CIA agent take time to practice his religion.

Remember when Saul said the Mourner’s Kaddish in the Season 2 finale? Crying just thinking about it?  That was perhaps one of the most moving moments in the show’s history, and so with Episode 4, entitled, “Why is this Night Different” there was heavy excitement for another iconic Saul moment, as he sat at the seder table with his current lover and co-worker, Allison (Miranda Otto), along with the Israeli ambassador, Uter (Allan Corduner).

But unlike an actual Passover seder, the traditional meal and ceremony was over in only a few minutes, and when Saul says, “Oh my God,” at the end of the episode, it’s not because of prayer, it’s because he just watched his entire plan to change the regime in Syria literally blow up.

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He needs only to look over at the woman he’s sharing a bed with to figure out who’s responsible for the Syrian general’s plane to explode mere minutes after take-off. She’s also the mystery person who sent Quinn (Rupert Friend) orders to kill Carrie. No one liked you in the first place, Allison. Now everyone hates you.

Of course, Quinn doesn’t kill Carrie, he would never even think about it. He tells her she needs to disappear and Carrie quickly unearths her back-up escape plan box. After making a goodbye video to her daughter Franny, (in which we find out the unpopular name choice was picked to honor Carrie’s father, Frank, and the actor who played him, James Rehorn, who died of melanoma in March 2014) slips on the most unflattering wig to help her go incognito.

Then she hesitates after Quinn tells her that it was Saul who put her on his the kill list. Carries insists Saul would never do that, and in an attempt to prove that she’s right, Quinn ends up shot, and Carrie refuses to leave his side. Everything feels right in the turmoiled world of “Homeland” seeing these two back together again.

Since the Passover seder calls for the 4 questions to be asked, playing with the holiday theme, here are the 4 questions for “Homeland”: How long will it take Saul to find out Allison is two-timing him? How long will Carrie wear that awful brunette wig? Does everyone now feel bad about making fun of Frannie’s name all this time? Will “Homeland” celebrate Chanukkah?

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