jonathan waud honey do 325 tlc 'Honey Do's' Jonathan Waud: 'Women don't mind' handsome guys helping around the house

When he’s not posing for high-fashion photo shoots or spending time with his wife and son, British-born Jonathan Waud is a general contractor, hauling lumber and cement at job sites around his adopted home of Los Angeles.
Starting Monday, June 17, he’s featured as “the foreman” in the new TLC series “Honey Do,” in which he joins forces with Kevin “the construction man,” Ben “the painter” and Dan “the handyman” to help hapless husbands find their natural masculine drive to fix things, thereby becoming heroes to their wives.
Sitting at a Hollywood diner in a plaid shirt, jeans and dusty work boots, Waud says, “A guy that can fix something around the house, that’s your basis for everything. You can build on that. Say you’re in computing, you can take that to your computing job.
“The homes we’re going into, these guys are brilliant. They’re incredibly intelligent, well-read guys,” Waud tells Zap2it. “I think, ‘Gosh, how did it get away from you? You almost forgot how to be a man’s man.'”
Waud says that the sudden arrival of four handsome guys who are good with tools can shake up a complacent spouse.
“If nothing else,” he says, “these husbands don’t want me and my guys around the house, around their women. And yet, the women don’t mind us being there.
“We almost have to shock the husband. It’s like electroshock therapy, where you jolt them into remembering, ‘You know what, I’ve seen these guys; they’ve been in my house for four days — I can do this. Why can’t I?’
“As soon as you take away that, it’s ‘This isn’t difficult. Why can’t I?’ Then the magic starts to happen.”
Even with his ripped physique and building skills, Waud reveals he also has a softer side.
“I’ve got that juxtaposed life,” he says, “where I can pull in my masculinity when I have to, and I can cuddle up on the couch with the missus and watch some rom-coms.”
Birth date: May 20, 1982, in Southampton, England
Jonathan-Waud-Honey-Do.jpgModeling cred: Six feet, 1 inch, blond hair, blue eyes, was the second runner-up on Season 2 of Bravo’s “Make Me a Supermodel,” which aired in 2009. He doesn’t think modeling is difficult, and compared to managing subcontractors, doing construction or dealing with remodeling clients, he thinks a day modeling “is a day off.”
Smooth operator cred: Met his wife after spotting her entering a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Los Angeles. “So I’m standing in line behind her,” he recalls, “and I somehow started to babble out some semblance of a conversation. She’s looking at me, ‘Who’s this crazy foreign guy?'”
Favorite book: ‘The Alchemist.’ It’s Paulo Coelho. It’s all about your journey, your personal legend, I think it’s called. The book is told through the eyes of a young boy, just figuring it out. … This book has a wonderful way of bringing you back to where you started. You ask, ‘Am I on the path I want to be, and if I’m not, why not?’ It’s never too late to evaluate what you’re doing.”
What happened regarding this book when he first met his future wife: “One thing led to another, and we got talking about books. She referenced this book and said, ‘I’ll lend it to you.’ I was thinking, ‘Oh, great … ,’ and she really just meant, ‘I’ll lend you the book.’ It had such a profound effect on her that she just wanted to share it.”
Favorite movie: “I have no shame in highlighting that I love romantic comedies. Love them, sucker for them. … Give me ‘Love, Actually.’ I will fight to the death on this one. All the Hugh Grant, cutesy ones. I’ve got to be honest, I think they’re great. When a guy goes, ‘Oh, you like that crap?’ I’m like, ‘How’s the “honey do” list looking at home? … When’s the last time you picked up a hammer?'”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare