Have you ever been to a hotel where the service and overall experience fell short of what you were charged? Anthony Melchiorri feels your pain and is on the case to do something about it. Melchiorri, a hotel “fixer” with a knack for spotting just what’s out of joint in the properties he visits and doing what it takes to correct it, is the host of Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible,” premiering Monday, April 9.
In each episode, Melchiorri visits a different independent hotel that’s in trouble, examining the staff, the management and the owners as well as the property itself to ferret out the problems. And once those problems have been determined, he and his team go to work to solve them — often in a brutally frank manner.
“I will never not get through to an owner,” he tells Zap2it. “I will ensure that I do everything that I’ve learned over my career about how to manage and talk and respect people, and also plow through people to get what I want. What I want is what they want — they want their hotel turned around.”
He may not be as explosive as chef Gordon Ramsay — whose similarly themed series “Hotel Hell” premieres this summer — but Melchiorri is no less direct and obviously doesn’t have a need to be liked.
“I think on every one of [the episodes], the owners didn’t really like me when I came in,” he recalls. “They thought I was a little bit direct. I’m a New York guy, so maybe I show up a little bit New York. But every episode, they got what they wanted, and they were happy in the end. … I won’t fail an owner who’s called me.”
It’s that determination that’s the key, Mechiorri insists. “When I leave, if they’re not happy, and if they didn’t get satisfaction, then I’ve failed,” he says. “If that owner doesn’t feel that I provided a great service and I’ve really changed their perspective and helped their hotel, then I haven’t done my job.”
Posted by:Karl Paloucek