anthony melchiorri 325 'Hotel Impossible' Season 3: Hotelier Anthony Melchiorri is grossed out so you don't have to beOne would think that after a career in the hotel business, Anthony Melchiorri has seen it all.

Yet the host and mentor of Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” is stunned when the series returns for Season 3 Monday, Aug. 12.

He visits a bed-and-breakfast establishment in Baltimore, the Abacrombie Inn, which was filthy, unwelcoming and in dire need of improvements.

“It was just absolutely the most disgusting place I have ever had the displeasure of being in,” Melchiorri says while driving down Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue.

From the moment Melchiorri arrives at the B&B, he finds problems beginning in the parking lot, including a crack vial and a sign for the hotel that used to be there.

Once in the hotel, there is no one to welcome visitors. Instead, keys are left in envelopes, which means anyone could go into any room – not that anyone would want to.

Happily, this show does not include a scratch-and-sniff card, but Melchiorri says the place was rank. He made sculptures out of the solid clumps of dust he found on top of furniture.

Melchiorri has a very impressive background as a hotelier, having served as an executive at New York’s Plaza and launching the Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort. He understands the many facets that go into making a successful hotel. In this case, the basics needed to be attended to first.

“It is like going into an operating room and finding it dirty,” Melchiorri says. “You can’t do the operation.”

Tips for being a hotelier:

�”Listen more than you speak,” Melchiorri says.

�”You are in that hotel, living, sleeping, having sex, eating, drinking,” he says. “Forget about the guest is always right; you have to make believe they are right. That is an art, not a science.”

�”Running a B&B is harder than running a big, fancy hotel,” he says. “If one person doesn’t do a good job and if you don’t do a good job, you will be behind on your taxes.”

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler