While it may feel like “Sherlock”-themed entertainment has crowded the landscape in both movies and television, a new series is coming to FOX that brings a new twist to the successful story formula.

However, instead of Sherlock Holmes and John (or Joan) Watson trudging around solving mysteries, the network is aiming to explore the real-life friendship of illusionist Harry Houdini (Michael Weston) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Stephen Mangan), author of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

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In Zap2it’s exclusive clip, viewers are given a closer look at the upcoming genre procedural. While it has the look and feel of other small-screen fare — “Sleepy Hollow,” “Penny Dreadful” and of course, “Sherlock” come to mind — the twist of exploring the fictional adventures these historical figures pursue is one that definitely intrigues.

The series is created by David Shore, most known for bringing the medical procedural “House” to TV. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) may have been inspired by Sherlock Holmes, but now we’ll see the man who created the iconic character go on mysterious — possibly even supernatural — adventures of his own.

If ever there was a proper birthday present for Harry Houdini, whose 142nd birthday was March 24, this series may just be it.

“Houdini & Doyle” will premiere on Monday, May 2 on FOX.

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