The promo of the upcoming season of “House of Cards” shows President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey)’s Chief of Staff Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) doing some groundwork for his boss.

The trailer begins with the ominous digging of a shovel, which is revealed to be Stamper standing alongside the President. Both being murderers in the series, the sight is still chilling to see with Underwood supporters looking on during the groundbreaking ceremony.

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In a sense, the frightening message shows that you never really know who you’re voting for. Underwood has a lot to tackle on the upcoming season, including the task of winning an actual election, as well as reconstructing his marriage with Claire (Robin Wright).

The clip shows Stamper doing the dirty work as Underwood’s right hand man, like he usually does. The slow camera shot and faint music also puts viewers back in the dangerously political D.C., where the series takes place.

The fourth season of “House of Cards” premieres March 4 on Netflix.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes