Every time Jubilee Sharpe leaves Bachelor Nation, it always feels too soon, and it’s never with a ring on her finger. The 25-year-old war veteran with a heartbreaking past didn’t get lucky in love with Ben Higgins, and she was knocked off “Bachelor in Paradise” after two episodes. She is vivacious, smart and beautiful — it’s truly hard to see how a woman like this isn’t every man’s first pick every time. And she deserves to be named as the star for the next cycle of “The Bachelorette.”

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But that seems impossible, right? A total pipe dream because this show always picks a runner-up (or similarly-high finisher) from the season before and the next series to air is “The Bachelor.” Well, Zap2it has a plan for how Jubilee can earn that crown. And it’s by taking a page out of the ABC’s “surprise twist” handbook.

In order to ensure Jubilee remains on audiences’s minds, “The Bachelor” should tap Jubilee do pull a  Nick Viall move and have her be that contestant who pops in and shakes everything up mid-season. Between the hype that a familiar face will be joining the competition, and the viewers’ delight in seeing the return of her shining presence, ratings will spike. And ratings, as we know, are everything. Bachelor Nation lives to keep the title as the No.1 competition dating reality series.

Jubilee Sharpe

After the sudden rise in viewership her return causes, and the public outcry for when she inevitably goes home, Jubilee will be primed for “The Bachelorette” spotlight. Oh, but what if she gets engaged on “The Bachelor”? Well, that would be awesome! It’s a win/win situation. Either way we’re getting new diverse cast members on air, something for which the series is rightfully criticized, and we have a happily-in-love Jubilee!

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