We’re still no closer to figuring out who killed Wes (Alfred Enoch) on “How to Get Away with Murder,” but the one suspect we just can’t rule out is Nate Lahey (Billy Brown).

Not only was Nate seen going into Annalise’s (Viola Davis) house before it exploded, he’s a little too tangled up with this investigation for our comfort level. Is it because he’s still secretly on Team Annalise, or is there a more nefarious reason for his involvement?

We asked Billy Brown where Nate’s loyalty truly lies — and what to expect from Thursday’s (Feb. 9) episode, “Go Cry Somewhere Else.”

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“Nate’s loyalty is to himself,” Brown says. “After all that has been thrust upon him and all he’s been through — strip searches, losing his wife, not even having the opportunity to spend precious moments with her because he was forcibly put into jail, excoriated from the police department, publicly humiliated, losing his job, you name it… Nate’s been a quick study in taking care of number one, and that’s fine with him.”

As far as whether or not he’s made up his mind about who he suspects killed Wes, Brown says that Nate’s inner detective is always at work.

“In detective speak, everybody’s a suspect. Could [Frank] have done it? Sure he could have done it — but that’s why Nate was one of the best detectives on the force. He’s not going to arrive at any abrupt conclusions until the evidence supports it. Right now, Nate’s looking at all these motherf***ers.”

Honestly, given the way everyone has jumped to the easiest or most obvious conclusion about Wes’ death — accusing either the Mahoneys or Frank — it’s refreshing to hear not everyone is quick to pin this crime on the likeliest suspects. Whether he’s on Annalise’s side or not, at least we know that Nate is going to be guided by hard evidence instead of rampant speculation.

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One bit of evidence we’re desperate for him to dig up the truth about is Wes’ autopsy. Why did the medical examiner change her original theory about how and when Wes died? Was his death actually an accident of the fire — or was he murdered before the explosion, like we were led to believe?

“The universe that seems to swirl around, or I should say that makes up one Annalise Keating — everything in her orbit seems to be fraught with skullduggery and suspicion. It’s one dastardly move after the next … It’s one more thing he has to now access, and solve, and get to the root of, and that’s what he does.”

As Nate digs deeper, be prepared for him to unearth more than one surprise about Wes’ death. Plus, what the heck happened while he was in that house?!

“How to Get Away with Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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