With Annalise (Viola Davis) in jail, Frank (Charlie Weber) confessing to murder, Laurel (Karla Souza) traumatized and pregnant, and the rest of the kids going through some serious grief, it seems like Bonnie (Liza Weil) is really the only one with a good clear on her shoulders on “How to Get Away with Murder.

Luckily for Annalise, Bonnie is the one handling her legal troubles, so a clear head is probably a good thing.

Screener spoke with Weil about Thursday’s (Feb. 2) episode of “How to Get Away with Murder,” and how in the world Bonnie is going to get the murder club out of this newest mess.

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Screener: With everything so crazy right now, what are we going to see from Bonnie in this new episode?

Liza Weil: We’re going to see quite a bit. Bonnie is going to soon discover that Frank has now confessed to Wes’ murder, and she’s going to have to decide how to proceed with Annalise’s defense. Although Frank taking the fall was something Bonnie and Frank previously discussed, I think it’s still very much a shock to Bonnie.

It leaves her very much alone, in having to sort of take care of everything and everyone, which is no small task now because the Keating Four are really becoming unhinged. Suspicions and anxieties are running at an all-time high, and they’re not entirely cooperative. So that is going to be a bit of a challenge.

Where would you say Bonnie and Frank’s relationship is at right now?

I think that they have a very palpable bond and understanding of each other, and they’re up against a lot of obstacles right now. I do think that their friendship is definitely moving forward — not so much now that Frank has confessed, I think that that’s going to throw a bit of a wrench in that — but I do feel like that’s something that we’re going to continue down the line. I personally feel like there’s endless story there.

With Annalise in jail, how is Bonnie coping with being in charge?

Bonnie is really finding herself in this kind of role that I think she’s wanted for a very long time. Maybe not under these circumstances, but she’s really having to navigate a bunch of obstacles as Annalise’s lawyer. Their relationship dynamic has shifted so much, as Annalise is sort of going to hit rock bottom in this episode. Her main focus right now is Annalise, and being a worthy lawyer to her.

Is she equipped to handle a huge case like this?

I do think she’s equipped. She is handling all this stuff with extreme competence and creativity — but I do think that Annalise’s behavior now, and this shift in her whole attitude, is very scary to Bonnie. I think that Bonnie is probably the only character, with the exception of Frank, that has seen all the faces of Annalise. This one, I think, feels very different to her, and it’s alarming.

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Is Wes’ murder one of the things she’s going to be investigating?

Yeah — I mean, she has to defend Annalise, so I think it is all connected. We will also find out that Bonnie and Frank seem to have a bit more information about that night than the Keating Four. We will certainly see more flashbacks after the moment Wes leaves the police station. There may be some involvement from Bonnie and Frank.

Should we still be keeping the Mahoney case on the back burner?

I think we’re moving at a very quick pace now, so certainly in terms of the court cases and Wes’ murder, and all the things that have to be dealt with … There’s so much happening at once. I think there is no stone that’s going to be left unturned. Bonnie is very much looking into any possible lead. I would not dismiss that quite yet.

Bonnie and Asher have grown apart lately, but they still have the most amazing dynamic sometimes. Is there anything coming up for the two of them?

Yes, there is some stuff [tonight]. I think that part of that is Bonnie trying to get them in line, and Asher very sweetly is really the only one of them who is sort of like, “Come on guys, listen to Bonnie!” I think that Bonnie appreciates that very much, that they continue to have a respect for one another.

Have you personally found out the truth behind Wes’ death yet? If so, what can you tease about it?

Yes, I just wrapped our third season yesterday, and today was our last day of production. So yes, I can confirm that we will learn more about how that all went down, and I can say that it was very surprising. None of us guessed how it all shook out, and I do think that there’s still some story left to tell. It will be interesting to see what Pete has up his sleeve for Season 4!

“How to Get Away with Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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