At this point, we can’t think of a single person more likely to commit murder on “How to Get Away with Murder” than Frank (Charlie Weber) — and yet we still just don’t buy that he killed Wes (Alfred Enoch).

It makes sense that he’s everyone’s first suspect: He killed Mahoney (Adam Arkin), he killed Lila, he killed Bonnie’s (Liza Weil) dad, and he had a ton of motive to kill Wes, considering he was sleeping with Laurel (Karla Souza). We’ve also got a very incomplete picture of where Frank was that night and where he wasn’t: Could he have been the figure Laurel saw sneaking out of the basement?

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But when it comes to Frank’s confession, we’re calling shenanigans on the whole situation.

We’ve already seen he’s willing to go to extremes to get Annalise (Viola Davis) to forgive him. He held a gun to his chin because he thought killing himself would make her happy. Confessing to murder seems like a walk in the park compared to that.

There’s also Laurel to factor in. After all the awful things she said to him (some deserved, some not), it’s pretty easy to imagine Frank would turn himself in. Laurel’s opinion of him and love for him has always been a driving force behind Frank’s actions. Knowing that she sincerely believed he might have killed Wes, and that he should have been the one to die in Wes’ place, would seriously mess with Frank’s head.

Also important to remember is that Frank does strange things hoping to please people. He killed Mahoney to “apologize” to Annalise. He’s got a skewed perception of how best to fix problems. Confessing to a murder he didn’t commit — to help Laurel grieve and move on, by giving her a target for her anger — sounds exactly like something Frank would do.

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The fact that Wes got into a car with Frank immediately after leaving the station means nothing at this point. The sheer number of red herrings and false leads we’ve mistakenly followed on this show has officially made us skeptical.

Meanwhile, our money is on Nate (Billy Brown) for that mysterious shadow who bolted out of the storm door — seeing as he’s the only other person we know was in the house that night. He’s digging a little too intently into Wes’ murder for our liking, and he seemed super uncomfortable with the revelation that Wes was in fact killed by the fire after all.

Was that the surprise of a gullible man — or the confusion of a man who knows for sure that Wes was, in fact, already dead when the fire started? Until the flashbacks clear him, we’re definitely keeping an eye on Nate.

“How to Get Away With Murder” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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