After that huge finale for “How to Get Away with Murder,” it’s going to be agony to wait for Season 4. Will Connor (Jack Falahee) say yes to Oliver’s (Conrad Ricamora) proposal? Why did Laurel’s (Karla Souza) father kill Wes (Alfred Enoch)? And will the Keating 4 — okay, that still hurts — ever be the same again?

There are endless story arcs for the show to consider for Season 4, but the one we’re most excited to hear about won’t be able to happen until Season 5.

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We talked to Jack Falahee about what to expect next from “How to Get Away with Murder,” and the actor revealed that it’s still a mystery to him. He did, however, hint that he’d have some say in Connor’s future storyline, since Pete Nowalk often takes the actors’ preferences and pitches into account when building a story.

“We have check-ins with Pete throughout the season and after a season wraps to sort of discuss our individual characters and their arcs,” Falahee says, “And he’s also amazing in that he is very receptive to us pitching to him, which I don’t think a lot of writers necessarily are, but he’s been fantastic about that. Whenever one of us has an idea, he’s all ears…”

When asked if any of his ideas have made it into the show, Falahee did us one better: He’s got an idea for Connor’s future that might get incorporated — just not anytime soon.

“I have one idea that is a very big idea, but it would play out, I think, in like the fifth season. But he’s [Nowalk] been open to it. That’s all I’ll say about that.”

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Of course now we’re going to spend our summer endlessly speculating about which potential plot Falahee has pitched, and whether it has anything to do with Connor and Oliver’s tumultuous relationship. If a wedding is, in fact, headed our way in the fourth season of “How to Get Away with Murder,” we imagine it would be a pretty great time and place for another murder to occur. “Game of Thrones” taught us that nothing goes together better than weddings and gruesome death, after all.

We also have to wonder if this idea has anything to do with the students’ careers after Middleton. They’re currently in their second year of law school, and it stands to reason that they could graduate in the next year or two, depending on possible time jumps.

It’s possible that everyone will scatter to the wind — desperate to leave Annalise (Viola Davis) and the rest of her Murder Club behind — which would be sad, but it would also open up the world quite a bit. The show has been tied pretty firmly to Middleton and Annalise’s little hamlet within that university, but now that she’s no doubt lost her teaching position, the story could feasibly go anywhere.

We could definitely see Connor and Oliver living the California life — if they ever make it out of the show alive, that is.

“How to Get Away with Murder” is scheduled to return in the fall of 2017.

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