viola davis how to get away with murder 'How to Get Away with Murder': How Annalise got her groove back

Anyone who has been doubting Annalise Keating’s ability to handle a case can please move to the left after the Oct. 30 episode of “How to Get Away with Murder.” 
Thursday night’s most enigmatic lawyer has been having a tough few weeks since discovering that her husband was sleeping with, and sending dirty pictures to, his deceased former student Lila Stanguard. Though Viola Davis has been putting together a reel of Emmy nomination Gold with her make-up free meltdowns (see for yourself below), it was beginning to look like the infallible lawyer was in over her head. 
She was still floundering after being confronted by Wes about Sam being the “Mr. Darcy” on Lila’s phone and had to go to desperate measures to bring Rebecca back and stop Wes from going to the police with what he’d discovered. Annalise rolled the dice and had Frank wipe the Lila’s phone of any trace of incoming numbers and then planted it in Griffin’s, Lila’s ex-boyfriend’s car. The evidence of Lila’s cheating gives Griffin a motive and takes the heat off Rebecca — so Wes is happy. 
It also moves Annalise back into the moral grey area. She’s been willing to bend the rules to get acquittals for her clients before, but now she’s back to her steel face and is flat out tampering with evidence to save herself, and Sam. Is she really doing it in Rebecca’s best interest as she tried to convince Wes? 
“Anything it takes, right?” Annalise poses to Wes as he leaves the office to go fetch Rebecca. There’s ice in Annalise’s tone and she’s making sure her new protege is aware that whatever comes next is what he asked for. It just goes to show that if you put Annalise Keating in a corner she will fight back and do not under any circumstances count this woman out. 
The last few minutes Annalise shows a vulnerable side to Sam that audiences haven’t seen yet, as she breaks down in tears and confesses that she needs and loves him. The marriage may be dysfunctional, but anyone thinking that the tears were an act were otherwise convinced in the flashforward when Annalise calls Bonnie to ask about Sam’s whereabouts. She stands in the dark of her office staring at the place where the rug used to be as she tells Bonnie that something terrible must have happened. (So much for that Sweeps prediction)
With only two more episodes left until audiences find out who killed Sam Keating, ABC promises show watchers will be saying “She did not just do that” when it comes to Annalise. So don’t expect too many more tears or freaking out. Keating is back on her game and even her sharpest students should be on the lookout. 
What do you think of Annalise getting back into the zone? Do you think she crossed the line by planting the phone? Let us know in the comments. 
“How to Get Away with Murder” continues Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 
Posted by:Megan Vick