The men of “How to Get Away With Murder” recently sat down to play a game of Kiss, Marry, Kill, which seems like an appropriate game given all the inappropriate shenanigans their “HTGAWM” characters are constantly up to.

In the game, stars Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Charlie Weber and Billy Brown must decide which of their characters they would marry, murder or smooch. Unfortunately, the video only shows McGorry’s answers — but they are quite revealing.

When it comes to kissing characters, marriage chooses Falahee’s Connor Walsh “because he has a really pretty mouth,” though McGorry quickly reconsiders that choice.

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“He was pretty promiscuous and I don’t know about his safe sex habits,” the actor further explains. “In fact, I know about his safe sex habits.”

Enoch adds, “Right, so it’s probably better not to have more than that.”

McGorry then moves on to who he will choose to spend his happily ever after with. He would have to fight off Annalise (Viola Davis) first, but the actor chooses Billy Brown’s Nate Lahey.

“He’s protective. I would say he’s loyal, handsome, a conversationalist,” the 29-year-old shares.

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The last person that McGorry chooses is Charlie Weber’s Frank Delfino. Asher has been at odds with Annalise’s right-hand man ever since the two started working together.

“I’ll probably have to kill Frank because of karma,” McGorry tells the group. “He killed someone on our show.”

It appears that Weber took the choice rather personally, as he argues that Asher hasn’t even learned Frank’s big secret yet. But McGorry stands by his choices.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes