Viola Davis is an actor truly committed to her craft. She's been nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe for her performance as Annalise Keating on ABC's "How To Get Away with Murder." On Thursday (March 10), Davis visited "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and when the topic of relaxing came up, somehow the conversation turned to sex.

Davis has been on a break from work since wrapping Season 2 of "HTGAWM." Apparently, there were some intense rumblings on set for the recent episodes as the actress put her sex scene skills to the test for the series.

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As she mentions in the above video, she's spent a lot of time gaining weight and playing maids in movies that she jumped at the chance to be small-screen sultry.

However, intensity on camera can reap serious injuries in real life and as she explains the rough scene -- against a wall being held up by six people -- resulted in a thrown out back. How did her husband, Julius Tennon, react to the news when she came home? It's uncertain as she claims to have hid the pain from him.

How much Tylenol and white wine does one have to ingest to mask such discomfort? The world may never know.

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