The first trailer (okay, it’s just a teaser … but still!) of “11.22.63” is finally here and from the looks of things, this will be Hulu’s biggest original series to date.

Inspired by the Stephen King bestseller of the same name, the eight-part series stars James Franco as English professor Jake Epping. Epping just so happens upon a portal that, well, it’s best to let the voice off camera in the above clip explain:

“I’m gonna tell you something that’s gonna seem crazy. You go through there, it’s 1960. I need you to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy.”

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J.J. Abrams’ company Bad Robot is behind the project and according to IMDB, Stephen King lent his assistance in writing a bunch of the episodes. It’s uncertain as to how accurate this is, though, as the page says King wrote nine episodes and there are only eight slated for this mini-series.

Semantics aside, the buzz is pretty huge going into the program’s President’s Day premiere.

Hulu has been on the come-up recently with acquisitions of “Seinfeld” and “The Mindy Project.” With it’s new deal with Epix in place, the platform has been setting its sights on original series content. It’s been touch-and-go so far as most of its originals have faltered in gaining ground while Jason Reitman’s “Casual” has been a pleasant surprise in recent weeks.

With “Jessica Jones” on the verge of popping off on Netflix and “Man in the High Castle” set to push Amazon into high concept territory, Hulu is desperately aiming to up their game to play with the big boys and it’s very possible “11.22.63” will put their position in play.

There is still some time before audiences see how this “watershed moment” plays out on the small-screen as “11.22.63” will premiere on Feb. 15, 2016 on Hulu.

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