Ain’t cult life grand? After watching Wednesday’s (March 1) episode, we’ve come to a resounding conclusion: No. 

Sure, if we were just viewing the world through Eddie’s (Aaron Paul) eyes, that’d be a quick deduction to arrive at — but for the others still living in the compound, the stresses have begun to reach a breaking point. And with the posted foreclosure notice — fear and loathing in the Meyerist Movement have become a new reality for everyone to face.

Needless to say, the responsibilities of maintaining composure and a standing in the community — while also attempting to save face, as well as the compound — lie firmly in Cal (Hugh Dancy) and Sarah’s (Michelle Monaghan) laps.

the path 207 michelle monaghan hugh dancy hulu Theres a PTSD problem on The Path    and its not going away

Co-guardians of the light until the very end… Or something?

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We already know there’s a massive weight on both of their shoulders — the growing water contamination threat and family dysfunction bringing Sarah down, while Cal’s rage continues to grow.

But at least suspicion of his involvement in the murder of Dr. Meyer (Keir Dullea) is off the table for now — Richard (Clark Middleton) and Kodiak (James Remar) have a new suspect: Eddie. Just as Sarah’s estranged husband has begun to put his past behind him, the stress from that traumatic existence once again rears its ugly head. Leave it to an innocent trip to a war museum — with his girlfriend’s boy in tow — to uncover a deeper truth: Eddie will never escape his cult life past.

All it took was one unfocused moment in Kodiak’s life: As he stalked Eddie, with the intent of bringing him to justice, he was faced with images of war — it didn’t take long for a bad PTSD episode to follow.

the path 207 kodiak james remar hulu Theres a PTSD problem on The Path    and its not going away

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And that right there is really the crux of the episode: Be it wartime, divorce or murder, each character on “The Path” is dealing with some sense of shell-shock in reaction to the trauma of their lives. As Kodiak crumbled underneath the weight of his righteous goal to capture Eddie, we can now completely acknowledge this growing disorder — and it’s not going away.

We may not have gotten to the truth behind Eddie’s visions yet, but as the episode came full circle — putting the man directly in the same path as the dream the episode opened on — Eddie’s fate suddenly became uncertain. What will happen in that creepy cabin? Will we finally get answers behind that mysterious lightning strike scar?

the path 207 james remar clark middleton aaron paul Theres a PTSD problem on The Path    and its not going away

Whatever transpires next week, we surely hope someone finds Alison’s (Sarah Jones) kid soon. The last thing Eddie needs is the boy’s disappearance weighing him down while being interrogated — tortured? — by the two Meyerist men.

“The Path” streams a new episode every Wednesday on Hulu.

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