In Wednesday’s (March 15) episode of “The Path,” a classic tale skipped its way into the Hulu series: “The Wizard of Oz.” The multiple references to L. Frank Baum’s children’s story may seem odd — but if you take a closer look at the directions of Eddie (Aaron Paul), Cal (Hugh Dancy) and Sarah’s (Michelle Monaghan) stories, the tale’s allegory on faith and religion becomes much more apparent.

This whole time, we were thinking Sarah and Cal would part ways — eventually driving the co-guardian of the light back into Eddie’s arms. But after watching the two Meyerist leaders consummate their relationship, a clearer picture has formed: Sarah’s an accessory to Cal’s murder, Cal’s embraced Sarah’s shady efforts in keeping the compound afloat… Leading the two to firmly commit to their evil acts for a greater good. False prophets, be damned! It’s all enough to scream at the TV: Pay no attention to that man (and woman) behind that curtain!

Yet, as much as we cringe at the new romantic element forging Cal and Sarah’s partnership, it’s their co-guardianship that firmly puts them behind that proverbial curtain, and it will eventually lead the Movement to disarray. Kodiak’s (James Remar) plea to Gab (Deirdre O’Connell) further predicts the coming storm. Who can stop Meyerism from crashing and burning?

the path season 2 michelle monaghan hugh dancy Whats with all the Wizard of Oz talk on The Path?

Enter: Eddie Lane…

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There’s a moment in the episode, aptly titled “Oz,” that puts Eddie in front of a bus full of faceless passengers. The newest vision helps to paint Eddie’s internal struggle as he begins to ascend The Ladder once again. He’s well on his way to accepting his fate, taking the steps to become the true leader Meyerism deserves. The Ladder could easily be looked at as being a road to enlightenment — akin to an isolating version of the classic yellow brick road motif.

It seems that Eddie is on the right path, finally. It’s only a matter of time before he reveals the truth to every Meyerist in the compound: Removing those green-colored glasses to see this Emerald City as it truly is. Of course, the power shift the series is setting up won’t go so smoothly: Sarah and Cal won’t step from behind that proverbial curtain without a fight.

We should all prepare ourselves: Eddie probably won’t be wearing a pointy hat or wizard robe, anytime soon… But he’s on his way to reaching his full potential. And the power and influence that are sure to follow, once that happens, will be extraordinary.

“The Path” streams Wednesday mornings on Hulu.

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