Zap2it: What made you decide to do your Christmas special in Hollywood this year?

Michael Buble: You know, what better place to celebrate Christmas than Los Angeles, you know? When I think of Christmas, I think sunshine, palm trees, leaving fajitas for Santa Claus [laughs].

You know what? Every year has been a different place. Every year has been a different challenge and I think it's kind of cool seeing Christmas from the perspective of different places all over this beautiful planet that we have. I've had a Christmas special in the U.K., a Christmas special, obviously, in New York; I've come home to Vancouver and now in beautiful Hollywood. So either I'm incredibly brave or I owe the first four places money.

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Zap2it: In your special two years ago, you did a terrific improv version of 'Blue Christmas.'

Michael Buble: Yeah, I remember we opened with that. That wasn't even supposed to be our opening, by the way. We had a completely different opening but we were messing around in the hallway and we went, 'You know what? This could be fun. This could be a fun way to start the thing.'

Zap2it: Do you have anything like that this year?

Michael Buble: Yeah, we do, actually. One of the things that I love most about this special is getting to connect via social media with the fans and fans all over the world. So we did that again this year and this year Tori Kelly actually joined me in one of those moments where someone asks for a certain song and I thought it'd be great to do it with her, so I asked her if she was up for it and it was very impromptu. She came up and did it and it's always my favorite part, to be honest with you. I really love doing it and it's cool ...

Posted by:George Dickie