Zap2it: You’re a secret agent in “Intelligence,” airing Mondays on CBS, but why aren’t you sporting a James Bond tux?
Josh Holloway: Soon. Maybe we’ll have some sort of spy situation where we have to go under cover. Spies always have to go to casinos.
Zap2it: Your character, former Special Forces operative Gabriel Vaughn, has a supercomputer microchip in his brain. But besides that, it’s an action-espionage show. What made you want to do one? 
Josh Holloway: It’s “The Bourne Identity,” it’s “Mission: Impossible,” the James Bond … it’s what I grew up loving as a boy with three brothers, playing spies. That’s the first thing I thought, “This could be fun.” And it’s a skill set that I haven’t really used or showcased.
Zap2it: I heard you went to SWAT school for a movie. Did you embarrass yourself? 
Josh Holloway: Probably, but I did well. I always embarrass myself; that’s just how I roll. But, I’m cool with that. We finished that, and all this came along right after. I was like, “I’m all trained up, all this tactical stuff. I’ve been doing martial arts for years.” I wanted to give that a shot.
Zap2it: You wear a very impressive watch on the show. Is Gabriel all about the high-tech stuff?
Josh Holloway: This was a character choice. This is actually what the Navy SEALs and the military use now. He doesn’t need a watch, because he has a computer, but he’s human. Like, in his apartment, he reads the paper. He has a watch. He’s a soldier, and he’s old school.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare