Season 2 of “Into the Badlands” revealed a six-month time jump in Sunday’s (March 15) premiere. From esteemed clipper to lowly picker, Sunny (Daniel Wu) has found himself in prison with a new mission mapped out before him: Escape this mine to rescue his wife (Madeleine Mantock) and M.K. (Aramis Knight), no matter the cost.

Thankfully, he’s got a new friend that may prove useful on this journey: Bajie (Nick Frost).

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Sunny might find his boisterous character annoying, but it seems he’s got no other hope of breaking out of this “Mad Max”-style hellhole. And if the opening fight scene is any indication, we have a feeling Sunny and Bajie will be squaring off against that Lord Humungus-y character sooner than later.

into the badlands season 2 daniel wu nick frost amc Nick Frosts Bajie on Into the Badlands isnt as bad as he might seem

Our hero’s got clipper skills on lock, but it seems Bajie’s bartering ability and knowledge of the areas outside of the Badlands is what’s really important. According to Daniel Wu, those skills are necessary for Sunny’s success: “He needs someone to help him navigate the outlying territories and Bajie seems to know everything about this world,” Wu previously told us, “So he becomes a useful tool.”

Useful, maybe — but Bajie’s clearly looking out for number one, and revealing Sunny’s clipper status to the bossman changes everything. It may be a title Sunny wants to put behind him, but those tattoos on his back make it hard for Sunny to run from his past… But with Veil and Sunny’s newborn child in Quinn’s (Marton Csokas) custody, running from his problems just isn’t in the cards.

into the badlands season 2 prisoners amc Nick Frosts Bajie on Into the Badlands isnt as bad as he might seem

If you think Bajie has shown his true colors —  that he’s a bad man unworthy of Sunny’s trust — we implore you to reconsider: It may seem like he’s traded his freedom for Sunny’s, but the story of “Into the Badlands” is rarely what it seems. Not only is Nick Frost in for the long haul this season, we have a sneaking suspicion Bajie’s betrayal has put things in motion that’ll break these chains for good.

Once they do escape, what happens next? Sunny needs Bajie to navigate back to the Badlands, but what does Bajie get out of this partnership? As trustworthy as we’d like him to be, we can’t shake the worry that his allegiances will shift against Sunny somewhere down the line…

“Into the Badlands” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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