sleepy hollow recap Is it time to let Sleepy Hollow die?

hypable logo square5 Is it time to let Sleepy Hollow die?With “Sleepy Hollow” about to finish the second half of its third season, I thought it would be time to ask the viewers a very important question: Do you want to see it continue?

“Sleepy Hollow” is a curious case — when it first started three years ago it was one of the most anticipated and intriguing new shows, and had gotten renewed in record time for a second season.

But then the second season happened, and it seems like it’s all downhill from there. Ever since the show decided to show us more of the details behind Ichabod Crane and his complicated family, viewers felt like the show has lost its roots — a show about the apocalypse, not about some supernatural family dynamic.

But in its third season the show has made major strides to return to what it once was; with a new showrunner and a focus on the monster of the week we’re going back to what we saw back in season one.

However, there in lies the issue! With the show only three seasons in it’s already lost its footing and made most of the viewers unhappy with the direction it’s going in. The ratings haven’t climbed at all since the show premiered, and if anything they’ve only decreased.

What does this mean for the show’s survival?

If the show wants to survive past a third season, they not only need to make the fans happy (which is what they’ve been doing lately) but they also need to make the network happy. They need to deliver the ratings they delivered when the show first aired… but how?

The show could absolutely go through several ways to reinvigorate the audience and the network, but whatever they do will have to be before this season ends. And at that point most people have already made a decision about whether or not they’re going to stay with it.

So what do you think?

Do you think you’d continue watching the show if it went on another season? Do you even want it to continue past this season? Let us know in the poll below if you think the show should continue and make the story even better, or stop and give up while it’s ahead.


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