Is “Real Housewives of New York City” star Sonja Morgan’s Tipsy Girl Prosecco a real thing?

No woman seems to have come up with more business venture ideas on “The Real Housewives of New York City” than Ms. Sonja Morgan. The only problem is that most of her fantastic proposals have never quite come to fruition. No one can forget Sonja in the City’s toaster oven scandal. Everyone really wanted to buy one. And to sell it with a toaster oven cook book? What a fantastic idea!

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But when the toaster oven never went on sale — even after a prototype was built — people got apprehensive when all of sudden, Morgan announced she was a fashion designer developing a high-end brand.

Sonja Morgan 'The Real Housewives of New York City'

But the fashion line turned out to be an actual thing, had a surprisingly successful runway show and is now on sale at Neiman Marcus.  And now, here we are with Tipsy Girl, the prosecco line idea that broke co-star Bethenny Frankel’s back.

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Frankel erupted over Morgan’s “cheater brand,” and later sat her down to say that she never wanted to see her face again. Much to everyone’s disbelief, Morgan held steadfast to the claim that she never saw any disturbingly close relation to Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand. She was just trying to make a buck with venture parter Peter Guimaraes, after claiming bankruptcy the year before.

On Wednesday night’s (July 13) episode, Frankel suddenly decided that she might’ve been too harsh on Morgan. The Skinnygirl millionaire mogul cleared the air with everyone’s favorite party girl, claiming it was impossible to stay mad at her. This out-of-the blue apology, after being so initially blinded with rage, made us wonder if Frankel was able to successfully squash Tipsy Girl. Or that if Tipsy Girl Prosecco was in production, did Frankel just stopped caring because she is so rich? Is she okay letting a friend take a tiny bite from her money pie?

Wait a minute here, is Tipsy Girl really in production? Did another one of Sonja Morgan’s business ventures become a real product? Zap2it had to find out.

Lo and behold, Tipsy Girl Prosecco is alive, bubbly, bottled and available in stores! A picture on the official brand’s Facebook page proves as such.

Seriously, it’s real and It exists!

If you’re wondering how to get your hands on a bottle, you need to be able to purchase it in person in the New York City area. But once the brand strikes a deal with an online retailer, the pink bubbly  will be available to “Housewives” fans across the nation. This is great, because it appears to be coming in by the truckload.

Totally on brand with Morgan’s floozy fun lifestyle, Tipsy Girl Prosecco is available in two flavors, and there’s a Tipsy Girl restaurant opening in New York City on 45 West 8th street. According to OK! Magazine, the full service dining establishment — which Frankel scoffed at as being a “fake business” — will be opening soon.

It looks both swanky and sexy, primed to be the next “Housewives” hot-spot.

Congratulations, Sonja Morgan! While it’s hard to believe she didn’t hear Tipsy Girl and immediately think, “Oh my God, that sounds just like Bethenny’s company,” she has finally created a product. A real life product! So, cheers to that.

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