Could you please settle this argument? My husband thinks Angie Harmon is married to Mark Harmon. My brother thinks she is married to a pro football player. I think she is married to a man from Sweden, lives in North Carolina and has two daughters with him.

I would hate for you to keep arguing, so here’s what I know: The “Rizzoli & Isles” star is not married to the main man on “NCIS.” Mark Harmon has been married to Pam Dawber since 1987.

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Angie Harmon was married for 13 years to Jason Sehorn, a former NFL star, mainly with the New York Giants. They separated in 2014. According to US, they were raising their children in North Carolina. But Harmon had to spend long stretches in Hollywood while “Rizzoli” was in production, and Sehorn was back home with the kids. Those long times apart eventually led to the separation.

Posted by:Rich Heldenfels, Akron Beacon Journal