Bad news friends: Today is only Wednesday. That means you still have two full days of work to get through before the sweet release of the weekend. And if that thought just made you facepalm at your desk… It might just be time to check for a little bit and re-charge.

The easiest (and cheapest) way we’ve found to do that is to turn to your TV, and find something that can take you away… At least for the next 30-60 minutes. Thankfully, we’ve come up a couple of shows we’re pretty confident will do the trick.

The Water Cooler Binge:
13 Reasons Why’ & ‘Big Little Lies

If you have yet to see either of these recent hits, it’s time to get out from under that rock you’ve been under, grab a glass of wine, and Watch. These. Shows. Even if you’ve already allowed your co-workers to spoil the endings for you, both are still worth viewing — we guarantee that Ted in Marketing did not do them justice.

“13 Reasons Why” follows high schooler Clay Jensen as he follows clues left by his classmate Hannah Baker before she committed suicide. Each of the 13 clues, on old-school cassette tapes, reveals the story behind a person responsible for her death. Which tape will Clay be on — and just how was he involved in Hannah’s suicide?

“But I don’t really do YA stuff. It’s not my thing,” you might be saying to yourself. Stop it. Yes, you do. At this point we should all just concede that YA really just stands for “Yes, Adults.”

“Big Little Lies,” for the seven of you who haven’t yet heard of the show (not even the soundtrack?), is the story of a group of upperclass women in Monterey, CA whose seemingly perfect lives unravel before our eyes, to the point of murder. No, this is not a chick flick. Yes, this a juicy tour de force of top acting talent including Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Laura Dern. And yes, it is laugh-out-loud funny — with a conclusion so lifegiving and beautiful you’ll be thinking about it for weeks after, just like we are.

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The Snarky Binge:

catastrophe amazon Its only Wednesday?! One of these great shows will get you through the week.

If it’s been one of those weeks (you know the kind), sometimes what you really need is some good old fashioned sarcasm. Screw happy stories and cheerful characters — you want someone going through as much weirdness as you are. Rob and Sharon are those people.

The story of American boy Rob (Rob Delaney) who gets Irish girl Sharon (Sharon Horgan) pregnant during a week-long hookup on a business trip to London is the anti-romantic comedy that’ll set your mood right. Their story is one of gross fart jokes, thinly veiled contempt for the world, and just the right amount of eventual fondness for each other… And don’t even get us started about how ingenious the show’s approach to narrative and storytelling is. A quiet revolution.

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The Quick Binge:
Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted

Since it is only Wednesday and you still have an inbox full of emails to dig through, you probably don’t have time for a full on TV marathon. Understandable. This is exactly why the TV gods created stand-up specials (we’re pretty sure). Topping out at a max 90 minutes, on average, stand-up is the perfect remedy to a crummy day (or even just a boring day).

And while Netflix has dominated the space lately with their many, many, many high-profile specials, there are still a number of great sets to be found elsewhere, too. Take Tig Notaro’s HBO special “Boyish Girl Interrupted.” Known for her deadpan comedy style and tackling dark topics (she famously did a live show immediately after finding out she had breast cancer), Notaro’s comedy is straightforward, unique, and highly entertaining.

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The Mindless Excellence Binge:
The Golden Girls

goldengirls hulu Its only Wednesday?! One of these great shows will get you through the week.

If you’re looking for something a little more soothing to get you through the Hump Day blues, fire up “The Golden Girls” on Hulu and get ready to relax out on that peaceful lanai in your mind.

With 180 episodes of geriatric hijinks, “The Golden Girls” is 80’s sitcom humor at its very best — comforting, sort of predictable, and yet somehow insanely witty. And between the four women — Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia — there’s a situational reference or St. Olaf story you can take back and use with just about any co-worker. We’re not responsible for your sudden interest in cheesecake, however.

The Nostalgia Binge:
30 Rock

Yes, “30 Rock” only went off the air in 2012 — but NO, it’s never too soon to be nostalgic for the perfect way to say Ham, or a schooling in night cheese. Plus, watching Liz Lemon tackle the many, many workplace fires set ablaze by Tracy and Jenna may just make you feel better about going back to the office in the morning.

As Tracy Jordan always says: “Live every week like it’s Shark Week.” Who needs the rules? Let your Shark Week begin today.

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