Relationships on TV can be pretty messy -- and things get even worse when you hear the dreaded words "love triangle." Though "iZombie" has much bigger problems to deal with, like the rising tensions between the living and dead, it's not immune to issues of the heart -- and they aren't boding well for Ravi (Rahul Kohli).

While Season 2 of the CW series portrayed a bit of a love triangle, with Peyton (Aly Michalka) caught between her feelings for nerdy good guy Ravi and sinister zombie Blaine (David Anders), the circumstances have changed. Blaine's memory has been wiped, and the former bad boy has been reformed. What's more, he saved Peyton's life in the Season 2 finale.

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Those events cast some doubts on what we always thought was the inevitable romance between Peyton and Ravi. Instead, perhaps Blaine still has a shot at the one person he's been able to develop feelings for since the show started. As Michalka teases of Season 3, it makes sense.

"I think there's more understanding as to how Peyton could choose him. It make a little more sense, whereas obviously in Season 2 it came out of nowhere," the actress says. "We were just like, 'Why are you making this choice? No!' You kind of see that he is charming and that being around Peyton has made him a more honest guy in general. And because these memories being wiped, that obviously is going to have a huge effect on him."

What about Ravi, though? "It’s something that he is having difficulty dealing with," Kohli explains during a visit to the show's Vancouver set. "The perfect goal is his idealistic romance, and now it’s kind of tainted a little bit -- and that kind of worries him most throughout the first part of that season."

In the meantime, while he and Peyton may have gotten caught making out on Liv's couch last season, it seems to be back to basics for the couple now that Blaine is back in the picture. "He becomes another suitor in a sense, and it’s pride, ego, those sort of things are wrapped into that. While he’s very much I guess winning in that respect, in terms of what he wants and the woman that he wanted to be with, it’s those other things that chip away at his psyche and kind of [perhaps] ruining their interactions."

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From lover to suitor, Ravi just can't catch a break. That said, so much seems to be hinging on Blaine's lost memories. Can he truly find redemption for acts he doesn't remember committing? That's surely something that's going to be invading Ravi's mind as he continues to work on the zombie cure.

"I think in fact that’s probably a good motivation for Ravi," Kohli says. "It’s so convenient and just everything falls into place for Blaine, losing his memory. I mean, it helped with his crime stuff, it’s helped with his relationship with Peyton, it’s helped ingratiate himself back into the group. He can plead that he doesn’t remember, he’s a new guy. So I think one of the other reasons, other than Major dying, for fixing the amnesia is to get him out of our lives."

From the sounds of it, this influx of emotions from all sides is only going to get more complex as Season 3 kicks off. You'd think a zombie uprising would be enough to deal with -- but love is never off the table.

"iZombie" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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