While "iZombie" may be a lot of things -- funny, scary, downright odd when it comes to Clive's (Malcolm Goodwin) nerdy obsessions -- political isn't usually a work associated with the CW series. With Season 3 though, it'll be a hard association to miss.

The end of Season 2 set up the idea that there were far more zombies out there than Liv (Rose McIver) realized and they were getting organized. Now, in Season 3, with the threat of the public finding out zombies were real and what their reaction might be, the walking dead take on an almost refugee status in the world "iZombie" has built.

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"What a lot of Season 3 is about is that most zombies begin to believe it's going to happen soon. There are so many of them now," creator Rom Thomas tells Screener. "In Season 1, we thought there were maybe 30 zombies wandering around Seattle. And now there are 330 zombies. How long until people notice brains are missing, or somebody scratches somebody, somebody figures out the messiness of what happens at Max Rager? So a lot of this season is zombies trying to figure out: When that day comes, what do I believe the humans will do, and what will I do to prepare for it?"

Those are the questions plaguing Season 2 -- the same many people from different cultures find themselves asking here, in the age of increased security and travel bans. It's almost as if "iZombie" predicted the future when Season 3 went into production, long before the 2016 presidential election. Thomas says that is not the case, though.

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"We, being the atypical Hollywood writing staff who never thought Trump could win, were not intentionally building that in," he says. "But it does make how we're approaching Season 4 more interesting. I think those 'X-Men' movies, the creators said there were a lot of similarities and parallels with gay people coming out. I thought of coming out as a zombie but zombies will look like the 'other.'"

Being the "other" can be a scary prospect sometimes. After all, who wants to be seen as the outsider? That said, casting zombies in that light is allowing the show to approach some very relevant topics with their own over-the-top spin. The question is, as Thomas himself posed, how will people react when they realize zombies live among them and what will it mean for the lives of those zombies?

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"In the way this nationalism has swept Europe and America, we may unintentionally landed in topical commentary," Thomas says. There are worse commentaries to stumble into, though.

"iZombie" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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